Thursday, December 18, 2014

3D Lashes Anyone?

When I was approached to try Younique macara, I was super excited! I love makeup, though I rarely wear any because I am very particular in what I do wear.

My friend, Lindsey, is a consultant and she offered me to try it. So, of course, I said "Well YEAHH!!!" Besides, I love anything that will improve the look of my lashes.

Being Asian and all, I have something called "hooded eyes." Meaning, you can't really see my eyelid. This makes my lashes look non-existent, practically! So lengethening mascaras usually do not do me any justice... none... sad face.

I have heard of Younique before but have always shyed away because of the price.. But after trying this mascara-it is well worth the price you pay!

If you ladies haven't jumped on the Younique train yet, I seriously encourage you too! Never have I ever had a mascara make my lashes look so fake-THAT'S A GOOD THING! 

Upon opening my Younique package in the mail, I thought I was getting a pair of sunglasses at first! The case that it came in was pretty fancy and heavy duty. I opened the case and there they were: a transplanting gel and a natural lash fiber applicator.

I followed the directions to the macara which involved:
1) Apply a coat of your regular mascara.
2) Apply the transplanting gel.
3) Before the gel dries, immediately apply the natural fibers.
4) Lastly, apply one more coat of the gel.
5) Voila!

The transplanting gel is used to hold the natural fibers in place. Think of it as using falsies, in a way. But instead of applying or glueing a fake layer of lashes over your real ones, Younique involves actually attached the natural fibers to each individual lash-creating a 3D look-making your lashes appear thicker, longer, and fuller-naturally.

My results:


Most importantly, there are no chemicals in this product! 
Ready to order your own Younique mascara or have any questions at all? 
Visit Lindsey Payne at

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