Saturday, December 20, 2014

At-Home Foam Rolling Workout

If you haven't foam rolled before,then you are seriously missing out. I use my foam roller as soon as I get out of bed to stretch my muscles for the day. I also love using it for sore muscles after a hardcore workout.

Foam rollers range anywhere from $10 to even $50, depending on the material and brand and you can get them at any fitness or sporting goods store.

Some benefits of foam rolling are:
  • improves circulation
  • loosens tight muscles and "knots" by massaging
  • helps prevent injuries by stretching
  • increases flexibility and range of motion
  • removes lactic acid within the muscles

Here is an easy little foam rolling workout that you can do prior or after your main workout to help warm up and stretch those right muscles. You can do each move for anywhere from 60 seconds to 90 seconds a day. This workout is short and easy and takes 15 minutes or less!

1. Back
  1. Lie down on the floor with the foam roller underneath your back.
  2. Begin rolling from your lower back all the way up between your shoulder blades (some even like going to their necks), back and forth.
  3. This will also make your back pop and it feels amazing!
2. Shins
  1. Kneel over the roller so that both shins are on it.
  2. Keeping your knees off of the floor, place your hands in front of the roller to balance.
  3. Keep your weight on the roller, and not your hands. 
  4. Begin rolling back and forth on your shins.
3. Lats
  1. Lie on your right side with the foam roller placed under your right side. Use your forearm to prop yourself upwards.
  2. You can place your left hand down on the floor or on the roller for support.
  3. Begin rolling from your right upper hip up towards your armpit, back and forth.
4. Hip Flexors
  1. Lay facedown on the floor, propping your forearms up.
  2. Place the foam roller beneath your thighs and begin rolling from your knees towards the top of your thighs.
5. IT Band
  1. Lie on your left side with your outer thigh on the foam roller. 
  2. Use your forearm to prop yourself up.
  3. Roll back and forth between the knee and the hip bone.
6. Hamstrings
  1. Sit upward with your arms propped behind you and legs extended.
  2. Roll the foam roller from your knees up towards the bottom of your buttocks.
  3. Roll back downwards to your knees.
  4. You can do this stretch for 60 seconds or as long as you'd like.
7. Calves
  1. Sit on your bottom with legs extended outwards, with hands propping your body upward.
  2. Using your arms to balance, roll both of your calves firmly against the foam roller.
  3. You can also cross your legs and do one calf at a time.
8. Chest
  1. Lie facedown with roller one right side of your chest.
  2. Roll back and forth across your pec muscle from the edge to the center of your chest.
  3. Repeat on opposite side.
9. Hip Adductors
  1. Lie on your stomach, supporting your upper body with your forearms.
  2. Bend your knee to the side and place the foam roller underneath.
  3. You should feel a deep stretch within your hips and inner thighs.
  4. Repeat on opposite side.

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