Saturday, December 6, 2014

My Icebreaker Gift Guide for the Holidays! (Sponsored)

Hi ladies! How is the cooler weather treating you? I have been warm and toasty on the coldest of cold days this year, thanks to Icebreaker

This clothing line is made with nature at heart and provides the best outerwear made from the finest wool in New Zealand for every type of adventurer out there. 

At Icebreaker, their role is not to create the latest “technical” fibre. Nature has already done that, and without an oil rig in sight. Merino wool was born not in a lab, but in the mountains of New Zealand. The Icebreaker fibre factory works 24 hours a day, on the back of a sheep. 

Sustainability is at the heart of Icebreaker, and they aim for profitable sustainability — a business model that balances ecology with economy. It’s possible because nature is an astonishing designer. Everything it creates is simple, efficient and beautiful. They believe nature is a powerful force that is within us and around us. They have harnessed this force to become the passionate world leader in merino.

Icebreaker even has a gift guide, just in time for Christmas. They have the perfect items to fit your or your family's needs-even based on your personas! Then you have a chance to click men's or women's. Talk about easy peasy!

The Fitness Fanatic:This is totally MY guide! This selection of items is perfect for the ones in your life whom like to "go all out" while exercising. If it functions well and improves their workout in some way, they are sure to love it.
The Over-Packer:This guide is great for the person whom needs to pack the "whole world with them" when going somewhere. These pieces are super versatile and are sure to help lighten their load a bit. 
The Globetrotter: Know anyone who is constantly on-the-go, hitting one country this month and another country the next? This guide is perfect for the traveler in your life. It literally has everything you need when living out of your suitcase.
The Glamper: This guide is for the persona who loves to stay stylish-even when outdoors. These pieces are super attractive with a bit of flare that will turn heads-even the chipmunks will be gasping!
The Snow Bum:This guide is perfect for the snow bunny in your life. This section features apparel to help keep your ass-ets quite toasty.
The Minimalist: This guide is for those who don't really need/want much-they are very "to the point."

Which persona are you?

I would mostly identify myself witha cross between The Fitness Fanatic and The Glamper personas! So, I would have to make up my own persona-The Glamarous Fitness Fanatic!

Here IS my personal Icebreaker gift guide with MY must have items for this persona:

The Glamarous Fitness Fanatic from Head to Toe Gift Guide

The hat: 

So I am totally stuck between the Valor hat...

... and the Skyline hat!

Skyline Hat

To keep your neck warm and toasty on those cold winter morning jogs, the Flexi Chute is perfect!

Flexi Chute

Underneath your clothing, the Rush Bra is the perfect sports bra to help hold things together while providing tons of comfort.

Rush Bra

The Boreal long sleeve half-zip top is perfect for going out-keeping you warm and fashionable. I really like this top!

Boreal Long Sleeve Half Zip

But... I am also obsessed with this Bliss Wrap, too... Oh the choices!

Bliss Wrap

Not crazy about the tops? Well here is a dress that is a sure stunner. I own this Allure dress and its perfect for a date night out or just a run to the supermarket!

Allure Dress

You certainly cannot forget about your hands! The Sierra Gloves will keep your hands warm and toasty!

Sierra Gloves

Moving on down, the Rush Tights are the perfect compliment to any outfit. Also, they make your booty look fa-bu-LOUS! 

Rush Tights

Underneath those tights, wear something comfy that won't ride up and give you wedgies because, let's face it-ain't nobody got time for that! The Sprite Hot Pants are undoubtably sexy-I own a pair and my husband LOVES them. Plus, they are so soft!

Sprite Hot Pants

Lastly, we cannot forget about the toesies! I am a fool for long socks in the winter time. I own this pair of Ultra Light Over the Knee Sundew socks and they are perfect, I tell you!

Womens Lifestyle Ultra Lite Over the Knee Sundew

Disclosure: I was given Icebreaker items to test, at no cost. All opinions within this sponsored post are my own.

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