Wednesday, December 3, 2014

5 Simple Meal Planning Tips for Busy Moms

When it comes to motherhood, we usually have little time for ourselves, much less what we are going to be eating. This is why our diets tend to suffer.. as we snack on our toddler's snacks and barely remember to eat lunch. Then there comes the weight gain...

I have learned through trial and error what helps keep me on track-even on my busiest days ever! When I was pregnant, I had so much time on my hands. But now, juggling work with raising a 10 month old-on top of trying to fit in fitness and a healthy diet-sometimes I feel like losing my mind! But, it does not have to be that way.

Here are 5 simple meal planning tips for busy moms on the go:

  1. Make a plan and write it down. Always plan your meals for the week. Set out one day per week, let's say Sunday, and ask your husband or someone you love to watch your kids. Or just pop in some Mickey Mouse! Then, use those few spare minutes to write down the meals that you want to cook each day of the week. You can use a meal planning printable to help you acheive this!
  2. Get the recipes together. If you know the recipes by heart, this is a great thing. If not, try looking up some fun and new recipes to try. Try to aim for meals that take no more than 30 minutes to make.
  3. Make a grocery list. Now that you know what you will be cooking, get your ingredients together. Go look in your pantry and know what you already have on hand before you go shopping. I love having a grocery shopping list on my phone-it makes life that much easier. Or just do it the old fashioned way and write your list down, but do not forget the paper!
  4. Cook in a large batch. This is such a great idea that often goes unnoticed.  Meal prepping is great for losing weight and staying on track, yes, but it is also a LIFESAVER for busy moms on the go. Set out one day per week, Sunday or so, and cook a large batch. Make your lunches ahead and freeze half of them for the latter part of the week. Cook a large batch of ground beef or chicken breasts and utilize them in different recipes throughout the week. When the protein is cooked and ready to go, the rest is usually a breeze.
  5. Make freezer meals! This is similar to tip #4, but instead of prepping for a week, why not make a little investment and make meals ahead to freeze for two weeks, three weeks, or even a month. One day of fuss is a whole lot better than a week's worth.

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