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Stability Ball Total Leg Workout

Stability Ball Total Leg Workout

10 Leg Curls
  • Lie on the floor with your arms palm down on the ground.
  • Rest your feet on the stability ball.
  • Inhale, and bend your knees, so that your calves roll the ball toward you.
  • Exhale, and roll the ball back out.
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10 30-Second Wall Sits
  • Place a stability ball against a wall and lean back on it so the top of the ball hits the small of your back, but still touches your lower back and tailbone.
  • Place hands on knees, shift weight onto heels, and, with back touching ball, begin to squat down until thighs are parallel to floor (keep knees behind toes).
  • Hold for 30 seconds and slowly lift back up.

10 Squats
  1. Hold the ball with straight arms, so it’s about level with the face or so.
  2. Squat down holding tightly onto the ball.
  3. Hang tight in this position for three slow breaths, and then return to standing.

10 Side Leg Lifts (each side)
  1. Lie on your right side on the stability ball, legs extended straight out and feet stacked.
  2. Position your right hand in a comfortable spot on the ball, and lift your hips so that your body forms a straight line. This is starting position.
  3. Keeping your body in that position, slowly raise your left leg as high as you can, in a controlled manner.
  4. Pause, then slowly return to start. 

10 Ball Leg Lifts
  •  Lie flat on the ground with a stability ball in between your ankles.
  • While crunching your upper abs and bracing the center of your abs, slowly squeeze the ball with your ankles.
  • Raise the ball upwards towards the ceiling.
  • Return to start. This is one rep.
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