Monday, September 30, 2013

22 Weeks Chalkboard Update

I decided to then let my hair down...

How far along? 22 weeks! Baby OFFICIALLY has a weight! 1lb 2oz :)

Gender: ITS A BOY!

Total Weight Gain: 5-6lbs now! Weight gain is rapidly beginning

Stretch Marks: Starting to notice a few on my hips. No linea negra or stretch marks on my belly

Belly Button: In.

Wedding Rings On/Off:  On. 

Movement: All the time! He loves music.

Feeling: Feeling great!

Cravings: CHEESE and some sweets now.


Missing: Sleeping through the night without having to pee several times.

Looking Forward to: Our Tennessee trip next month for our baby shower with family and friends

Sleep: Trouble falling asleep at night. My bedtime has somehow moved from 9pm to 11pm!

Exercise:  Doing cardio around 6 days a week now for 30 minutes on the Elliptical. I also go for runs around he neighborhood or on the beach. Starting to work out at home more by doing yoga.

Eating: Still healthy, gave up my cheat meals today. :( Lol.


  1. Looking fantastic! Boo/Yay to giving up the cheat meals, I gave up mine 3 weeks ago and I'm not even pregnant!
    Love that dress also! Where is it from??

  2. Thank you! It is from Forever 21 :)


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