Friday, September 27, 2013

Squatting During Pregnancy

I've gotten tons of emails asking if it is still safe to squat during pregnancy and my answer is: ABSOLUTELY!!!

I actually recommend it! I squat almost daily when I go to the gym. I started off using just the barbell which weights approximately 45lbs alone, worked my way up to 55lbs by adding two 5lb weights to the bar, and now I'm doing about 65lbs and sticking with that for the time being. You may choose to do wall squats or body weight squats (without using weights) and that's totally fine! It just depends on what your mission is. Mine is to tone during pregnancy since the first things to "blow up" are thighs and butt.

No matter what your goals are, squatting has some benefits that make pregnancy a lot easier:

Squatting during pregancy:
*Speeds labor.
*Reduces need off an episiotomy.
*Widens your pelvis to assist with an easier delivery.
*Strengthens lower back muscles to avoid back pain.
*Resuces the need for medical intervention during birth such as forceps or the vacuum. 
*Stregnthens lower abdominal muscles to assist with pushing.

The list goes on! No matter how you decide to squat, it will definitely be beneficial for you and your baby :)

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