Thursday, September 26, 2013

Our Wedding/Marriage/Baby Celebration

When my husband and I got married, we eloped and decided to have a big reception in the mountains of Tennessee in October. We made the date of the reception one year after our wedding because we wanted to put things on hold so my husbands best friend and brother could make it to the party. Well, we wanted a baby and did not want to wait, we were just too excited!

Since becoming pregnant, that celebration has turned into a whole big list of things to celebrate!

We are calling it our Wedding/Marriage/Baby Celebration Party! It is next month and we are so stoked. For those of you who asked, we are registered at Target & If you would like to purchase a gift for us, here is the link:

So, back to the celebration! I wanted to share my ideas & inspiration for the party with you all. Thank God there is a Pinterest!

Here is what I was thinking!

For food, it will be finger snacks, nothing too fancy, but with a home cooked feel since it will be at my in-laws house, outdoors. It will be super gorgeous! For main foods, I was thinking bacon wrapped sausages and meatballs on toothpicks, hummus stuffed cucumber slices, popcorn & peanut bar, and chicken salad and pulled pork sliders as the main course.

For sweets, I am planning on doing 8-10 pies of different variations: pumpkin, pecan, cherry, apple, and blackberry arranged on a pie table. Since its now fall, also loving the idea of candy apples and smores pops! Also thinking a few other sweets would be good too! See below:

For decor, I chose a rustic feel. Think: mason jars, candles, outdoor lighting. There's a barn close by and its just perfect!

I will take tons of photos from our trip and gladly share :)

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