Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Love

I look at my life two years ago from today and never would I have guessed that I would be here today. I think back to times in my life when there were things going on that made absolutely no sense to me at the time and I couldn't figure out what I did to have to be going through those things. Well a couple of years later I finally get it. I had to prepare myself for the biggest blessing in my life that was soon to come, my husband.

 I wish that I could put into words my feelings for Grady. I can not beginning to describe how amazing it feels to look the person that you love most in this world in the eyes and when they look back at you to know that you are their entire world and to be treated that way. I tell people everyday, that Grady treats me better than I would have ever imagined getting treated and I think people take that lightly because people say it all the time. But it is more than true in my situation. Grady has gone above and beyond my ever expectation on how a guy should treat a girl, in fact he has goes above and beyond my every expectation in general. Everything he does and everything he is is honestly more than I could have ever hoped for. When going through my divorce, I vowed to never let another man verbally abuse or use me. I also vowed to pick someone who had his life together and who knew how to love outside himself. Grady had been divorced once before as well, and vowed the SAME thing-its amazing how God can put two unbeknownst people on a beach to meet and fall in love! 

Grady and I are proud to announce our first pregnancy! We are head over heels with this little bundle of joy already. We only tried for two months (with lots of prayers) and are now anticipating the arrival of our Mini Cooper. 

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