Friday, September 6, 2013

How We Tried For a Boy

Ok, so maybe this is a little TMI post (haha) but everytime I think about how we desperately tried for a BOY and got a BOY, I think it is sometimes a little more than just a 50/50 coincidence :)

We tried the old wives tale called the Shettles method that states if you have sex on or near your ovulation date, you will have a boy. 12-24 hours to be exact.
This is due to the fact that make sperm swim faster than female sperm while female sperm live longer than male. So if you want a female, have sex one week before your ovulation date and wait!

Another old wives tale-if you want to conceive a boy-is to avoid citrus foods to alter your vaginas PH level. Make sperm are said to like a more alkaline environment. This being said, weeks before you ovulate, eat more meats, milk, eggs and cheese. 

Also they say to eat throughout the day! Several small meals to keep your energy up since high energy and glucose levels are linked to creating baby boys.

Another old wives tale which helped me and a few friends I know is to take one mucinex pill daily, 1-2 weeks before ovulation. This helps to thin your cervical mucous to allow those fast male sperm to swim even faster-and freely. This worked for me! Cough syrup also works as long as it has guafenisin.

Also, have you and your partner consume caffeine daily. This is said to make the Y sperm more active. I liked to have a cup of coffee daily and so does my husband.

Position also matters. Since Y sperm swim faster, why not give them a head start by choosing a position. To put is as polite and nicely as I can, the "deepest" position is the best for conceiving a boy since they swim fast.

Lastly, we prayed! We prayed for a healthy baby in general, but we really really wanted a boy. You cannot "pick" what you get to have, but I believe these old wives tale hold some sort of truth to some of them.

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  1. Love your blog! I stumbled upon it when looking at Pinterest. Congrats on your pregnancy! Im due at the end of Feb with our first boy! After being blessed with two beautiful girls, we figured we would tey just one more time and gave the "methods" a try. .. so I'd have to say, I believe they work.


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