Saturday, September 28, 2013

At Home Pregnancy Workouts

Hey guys! I had a recent reader ask me to post some of my favorite at home workouts to do during pregnancy. I typically love the gym more than working out at home, because I have access to kettlebells, balls, machines, weights, etc. However, some days you might not feel like going or simply do not have the time! Or you might have just given birth and cant leave your newborn, so this would be perfect. Yes, you can get toned at home! You may not sweat like a hog from these workouts, but they do improve your overall tone and wellbeing.

First lets start off with the plank. Looks easy... but its not. It not only works your arms, but your abs, and legs, and back even!

Next up is the side plank. Same as a plank, but sideways. Works those gorgeous love handles.

Wall Push Ups (for when tummy gets too big). These are a great alternative to push ups because at this point (22 weeks pregnant), my belly keeps touching the ground and I am carrying more weight so its nearly impossible. Do these as you would a normal floor push up.

Next is a wall squat. Here, I am using a foam roller (a gift from GOD!) which helps my back (and feels amazing!) Squat against the wall, going lower, and lower till you cant anymore. Hold it.

Side dips. Helps with those love handles, ladies! Using a ten pound (or whatever size you are comfortable with) dumbell! Extend towards the side slowly. Switch and repeat.

Tricep extensions. Using your dumbell, lift it back above your head and lower slowly, then lift above your head slowly. Reapeat a few times and you should feel a burn

Glute extensions. You can do this with or without a weight. I did mine with a weight for more of a challenge since I am used to heavy weights. Place the dumbell at the bend of your knee. Lift upwards.

People have asked me if you can do core exercises during pregnancy. You can!
Here are butterfly kicks, Lay on your back and kick upward back and forth alternating legs but dont touch the ground

 Lastly, for core, you can do modified sit ups. Since you are carrying a lot of weight in the front, it helps to use the foam roller. I also used a dumbell for a challenge

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