Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pregnancy & Fitness

Squatted almost 60lbs free weights today! Pregnancy is definitely not an excuse or an illness. Keeping fit during pregnancy has given me tons of energy and made the first and second trimesters a breeze! You know what really grinds my gears? Your perspective on a pregnant woman's limitations. Pregnancy is not a disability unless you make it one. It frustrates me to hear "Be careful" or "Should you be doing that" when someone hears that I am running or lifting weights. What about that pregnant lady who is laying on the couch 24/7 eating cake, Cheetos, and God knows what else, exceeding the recommended weight gain? What about the pregnant lady who smokes or drinks? 

I know my body. I know my limitations. Nor did I start working out yesterday-everything I do is with great care. Unless you are my doctor, your opinion is invalid to me unless asked. Times and doctors recommendations have changed. I am proud of Lea-Ann Ellison and I think that other women should start stepping up and promoting health during pregnancy. The world is filled with ignorant people who are quick to judge without knowing facts.

Bottom line: The world should be more obsessed about the obesity epidemic than a woman with child taking care of herself.

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