Friday, June 13, 2014

Bellefit Tighty Wifey Review

Hey guys! Sia here. 

I am BACK with another AHHHMAZING giveaway courtesy of Bellefit Maternity. These guys are very generous, I tell you! They firmly stand behind their products-and once again, I can see why this company is my favorite go-to postpartum essential. If you remember, I reviewed their corset girdle a few months back and was blown away!

This time, I am reviewing their Tighty Wifey compression tank-one of the BEST shapewear around. You can purchase the tank here on their site or on their Amazon.

Prepare for several double takes, because they certainly begin with the Tighty Wifey Post-pregnancy Compression Tank. Thanks to Bellefit's standards for quality and luxurious blends of comfort and support, the Tighty Wifey controls your post-baby tummy through specially targeted compression sections including the low tummy, side handles and back bulge. The Tighty Wifey also helps by smoothing out your entire upper body silhouette and improving your posture. Its seamless design features a front ruching bust line and clasp strap closures for easy nursing access and comfort through everyday wear - even during exercise. 

Bellefit created the Tighty Wifey Post-pregnancy Compression Tank - because you deserve an effective, underwire-free and breathable tank that is successful in tightening your midsection, straightening your posture and providing comfort during nursing. 

So shape up quickly with the Bellefit Tighty Wifey Post-pregnancy Compression Tank! Wear it alone, under clothing, during exercise, day or night for a more supported core and a smoother silhouette post-baby than you could have imagined. 

• Easy nursing access with clasp strap closure
• Comfortable for daily or nightly wear
• Extra wide straps for no-digging comfort
• Ideal for layering
• Strong support during exercise
• Front ruching for an enhanced bust line
• Anti-Roll Design
• Tag-less for maximum comfort
• Underwire-free
• Controls perspiration and heat very well
• Latex-free
• Strongly reduces the appearance of bloating
• Breathable/Microporous fabric
• 95% Polyamide and 5% Spandex

The Tightey Wifey comes in 3 colors:beige, white, and black

Here are a few pictures of me in each color so you can get a better feel of what they look like! I had a blast trying each one on!

(Great for under white or light garments)

(Very versatile!)

(My favorite: I love black!)

The Tighty Wifey is super tight.

This is how you know the difference between good and bad shapewear! Shaprewear is meant to be comfortable yet SUPER TIGHT because if it is not tight enough, it won't do its job! I loved all 3 colors that the tank comes in; however, black was my favorite (as you can see)!

This tank was also super EASY to nurse my son in! This is something that I look for nowadays when I purchase new clothing-"Can I pop a boob out in that?"
I do not have much of a stomach pooch, but WOW did this thing make me look even slimmer!

Overall, I was once again super impressed with Bellefit and the newest item that I had the pleasure reviewing: the Bellefit Tighty Wifey! There is no reason why you should not choose Bellefit!

Now, here is your chance to try out the Bellefit Tighty Wifey Compression Tank on your own! Enter below to win 2 tanks PLUS a $100 VISA gift card! WOW!

To learn more about Bellefit, visit their main pageFacebookPinterest, & Twitter.

Disclosure: I was given Bellefit Tighty Wifeys to test, at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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