Friday, June 20, 2014

Ladies, Do You Have a "THUT?"

According to Urban Dictionary, a "thut" is defined as: "when your butt blends into your thighs, or there is just no definition between your thighs and your butt, you have a thut (thigh-butt)." 

A thutt is just another name for “secretary butt.” In short, it is refers to a flat, shapeless buttocks that runs into the thigh area, specifically, there is no distinction between the upper thigh and the buttocks. 

It is almost similar to "cankles" and caused by a sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise. In this case, gravity tends to take place, bringing down your ASSets-literally.

Woman Grabbing at Her Buttocks

The recipe for a good Thut involves sitting all day or for more than six hours of the day. It is not only bad for your figure, but it is also bad for your health. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and depression are just some of the diseases that you are at increased risk of developing when you live a sedentary lifestyle. By reducing the time you stay seated and by staying active, you can lessen the effect of your chair flattening your buttocks, and even more importantly your health.


If you are curious about whether or not you have the dreaded Thut, here is a simple little test!
You can test yourself at home using a pencil. Push it in place where the buttocks and thigh meet. Then let go. If the pencil drops, you do not have a Thut. But if it stays stuck, you do have a Thut. The good news is that it can be fixed.


To fix your THUT, some people opt to have surgery by choosing the ever popular Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. However, this can be totally fixed WITHOUT surgical intervention. All it takes is some time, hard work, patience, and elbow grease.

As you probably already guessed, these are the top 3 exercises for fixing your flat butt:
  • Lunges – With feet hip width apart, take a big step forward with one foot, putting the weight on your heel, not the toe. Alternate in three sets of 10 or 12, targeting the hamstrings and glutes.
  • Squats – Lower back and knee problems can be caused by under-developed glutes. Try doing Squats and putting all the weight in your heels as you go as far down as you can. Do about three sets of 10-15.
  • Combo Squat – Once you start to get more strength, you can fight gravity in the Combo Squat. From a squat position, leap off the heel and land with soft knees.

Also, some yoga poses in which the legs are behind the body, working at raising them in gravity,’ like the yoga poses dhanurasana (pictured above) and shalabhasana, will help!


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