Thursday, June 19, 2014

Natural Balance Foods Nakd Bars Review

Hey ladies! Looking for a yummy gluten free yummy treat? 
I would love to introduce you to Natural Balance Foods

I specifically had the chance to try out the Natural Balance Protein Bars called Nakd.I cannot get enough of them!

I got to try the Nakd Mixed Case which features 18 different and dangerously DELICIOUS bars.

The bars are also dairy free as well as gluten, wheat, and GM free and contain no added sugars or syrups. Dates are the main sweetener! Yum!

Every ingredient is 100% natural-there is NO processing going on here! Just nature's goodness. It is certainly different than your average cereal bar as you can see.

Overall, I absolutely would purchase Nakd as my primary staple for healthy snacking because of its natural flavors and the peace of mind that it gives me to know that I am eating something from the Earth that is not chemical ridden!

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