Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Breastmilk Banana "Ice Cream" for Teething Babies

Since my little one started teething, I've been trying out different things for relief. The Breastmilk Popsicles that I made were a HUGE hit with him! Now that he's 5 months, we have been experimenting with solids a little more and have found that he LOVES bananas. One day, I decided to get creative in the kitchen and come up with a fun little treat for him-one that was tasty yet also helped soothe his achy gums! That's when the Breastmilk Banana "Ice Cream" was born.

Here's my recipe! Feel free to share.

Breastmilk Banana "Ice Cream" for Teething Babies


• 1/2 banana, sliced
• 1/2 tsp cinnamon (OPTIONAL!)
***my son loves cinnamon;however your baby may not or may be ALLERGIC so speak to your pediatrician FIRST on how to introduce spices***
• 1 oz. Breastmilk


1. Freeze banana slices for at least two hours.
2. Place frozen banana slices, cinnamon (if you choose to use), and Breastmilk into a food processor. (I used my Blendtec (without the other ingredients) first to cut the chunks into little bits and then finished blending in my Baby Bullet)
3. Serve immediately or store in the freezer.

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