Sunday, June 8, 2014

Want to Offend a Pregnant Woman? Buy Her THIS Shirt!

A Pea in the Pod's Wake Me Up When I'm Skinny tee

  When the pressure for the perfect body – even during pregnancy – doesn't go far enough, maternity wear can now say it for you.

A Pea in the Pod, a popular store that sells stylish clothes for moms-to-be, is under fire for offering maternity T-shirts with messages that some say are offensive because they fat-shame women with baby bumps.

A Pea in a Pod Maternity has had this tee yanked from their Destination Maternity shops this past week for pissing off thousands of preggo ladies. The tee, which retails, for $48, features the saying "Wake me up when I'm skinny."

One critic on said the tops reinforce the notion there is something wrong with a woman’s body during pregnancy.

Destination Maternity released this statement.

"At Destination Maternity, our customers are our top priority and we always value their feedback. We have taken immediate action to remove a T-shirt from our stores and website that was perceived as offensive. We apologize to anyone we may have unintentionally disappointed. We strive to offer products that celebrate pregnancy and are committed to supporting the health and wellness of moms-to-be and their families."

It is not the first time that a Pea in a Pod has released a controversial tee. Check out this one below!

I personally LOVED my baby bump and miss it dearly! I never once felt fat or gross or concerned about my body growing. I do understand that these tees were meant to be a funny joke and taken half heartedly, but with hormones already flaring, is it a good idea for pregnant women who are already struggling with overcoming their new body image?

Whats your thoughts?

Images via Pea in a Pod

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