Monday, April 20, 2015

Don't Give Up on Your Dreams if....

Yesterday, my family & I went to church.  I don't post much on church, but it was in my heart to write this today. 

In the last few years, I have not been the best with my church attendence-but within the last month, it had been on my heart to go and to find more meaning in my life.

The main focus of the sermon yesterday morning was on dreams.

Immediately, I thought of you all and my own personal vision and dreams. 

How many of you ladies have a dream? Chances are, if you are here on my blog, you most likely have either a business dream or a fitness oriented dream.

Do you know why some people's dreams don't come true? They give up on them. As simple as that. 

You know, it is SO easy to give up in life. Especially if things aren't really happening in your favor or if your goal seems to take forever to reach. Sometimes, it could even be because of an unfortunate event happening that derails our vision.

When I was tipping over 150lbs and overweight for my height (5ft. 3in), I had a dream-I wanted to get fit and to get in shape. It was so HARD to stay on track, but I never lost sight of my goal. 

Me in my slightly heavier days.

I know that some of you ladies may be struggling with your weight and body image. I want you to know that you can follow your dreams and make it all a reality. 

Write down what you want to see for yourself. Seriously, go get a pen and paper.

The Bible says if you don't write your vision plainly so you can run with it, you'll forget about it.

If you want the specific verse, it's Habakkuk 2:2: The Lord answered me, “Write down what I show you. Write it clearly on a sign so that the message will be easy to read."

You know, if I would have given up on my dream, I wouldn't be right here in my position today. I wouldn't even own a business like I do now! I wouldn't be here to help and to guide you all into your own dreams. Amazing, isn't it?

In the Bible, it states that you dreams can be used as a blessing to others. Each one of us has a gift and the purpose of that gift is to help others. That is the whole point of this life-to grow, to share, and to love.

Here are the main points that I took away from yesterday's sermon:

Don't give up on your dreams if....

1. Things didn't start out so well. Maybe things aren't going as smoothly as you would like for them to go. Don't give up, keep pushing through those rough times. In my fitness journey, I had setbacks. After all, I loved fast food and bakery items. If things didn't start out so well for you, learn from those events and build yourself to become even stronger.

2. Those closest to you do not support you. When I first made the choice to lose almost 50lbs, I was married to my ex-husband who was just about as supportive as a rotten, wooden bridge-not very supportive. My house was littered with Coke cans and fast food. I pushed through it and stayed true to myself. It was so much harder because I did not have that family/friend support, but I conquered it anyway. Maybe you have a spouse or parents who don't support you-shut those negative Nancies out! Maybe you have a friend who says, "That's a dumb idea" or "That will never happen." Don't listen to them.

3. Even if your journey is full of surprises. Surprises can either be good or bad, can you agree? Maybe somewhere down the line, you get a divorce. This could be a setback and used as an excuse to eat your emotions or give up on your dreams. Don't let it. Bad things happen in life. Let's face it, if good things happened 24/7, we would not learn to appreciate them because we would often take those good things for granted. The bad makes us so thankful for the good things in life.
4. If it takes longer than you may realize. You have been eating clean for a month and the scale still isn't budging. You feel like it's just no use and you might as well just give up already. But, don't. Any dream-fitness related or not-takes TIME. Most of us are human and super impatient. We want results NOW! We want to accomplish our dreams and goals NOW. But remember this: things that happen quickly can crumble very quickly as well. Take time and put that time into your goals.

I hope that these four principles will help you throughout your week. Even if your goals are not fitness related-maybe it's work related or even family oriented-these same four things can still be applied to your daily life.

Have a fabulous week!


If you would like to listen to the full sermon, it can be found by clicking here.

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