Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Favorite One Stop Shop for Glasses

Hey guys!

I have been getting tons of questions coming in about my glasses that I have been wearing lately. If you noticed, there aren't any lenses in them. I love this style as it is part of my personality.

My glasses come from an online shop called Firmoo. I chose the "Frames only" option because I don't wear actual glasses or need them-I just love the framed look themselves. Yup, I am a hipster. 

I chose the #F042 frames in the black color, though they also come in a tortoise color as well.

But they do offer quality frames if you do have a prescription as well as non-sprecription lenses option as well.

Firmoo has a ton of different styles and selections to choose from and are actually pretty durable! I would highly recommend them for your future optical purchases!

Each pair of glasses comes in a hard case such as the one below along with a cleaning cloth. 

Oh and that's not all! You can also get 50% off your first pair of frames when you use this code.

Also, be sure to follow Firmoo on Facebook and Twitter.

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