Thursday, April 2, 2015

Kick Off Your Fit Pregnancy With Kiqplan's Healthy Baby Bump Program

Kiqplan is basically your own digital coach right inside your iPhone. It is like having a nutritionist, personal trainer, and health guru all in your back pocket.

It encourages you to get active, eat better, and stay motivated all while tracking your progress along the way to ensure you are making strides. 

Kiqplan also pairs with fitness trackers such as Fitbug, Jawbone, Fitbiteven as well as your Android, Galaxy, and iPhone-all by downloading their free app- to track the number of steps you take or calories you eat to design a healthy living plan, specifically for you.

They have a variety of 12 week personalized plans to choose from for just $19.99 each. Designed by experts in exercise, nutrition and motivation, each fitness plan and workout program is safe, effective and based on science.
  • Slim + Trim 
  • Beer Belly Blaster
  • Healthy Baby Bump
  • Goodbye Baby Bump
Today, I am so excited to review the Healthy Baby Bump program. As you know, a fit pregnancy is a happy pregnancy!

Healthy Baby Bump by Kiqplan is a digital coaching app that will guide you through your first or second trimester of pregnancy. Healthy Baby Bump is only suitable for expectant mothers in weeks 1-16 of pregnancy.

This app is so helpful for pregnant moms and even gives you a special daily tip to look forward to, such as the one below:

The Healthy Baby Bump app and program also helps you to track your daily steps. Movement is super important for pregnant women because you want to make sure you gain a healthy amount of weight as well as relieving any discomforts you might be experiencing.

It also tracks you calories for the day (it will calculate it all for you based on your weight and height) as well as your sleep. Sleep is SUPER important when you are spending all of your energy growing a baby!

Keeping track of your measurements is super important. This app and program makes it that much more simpler to keep up with!

As far as pregnancy nutrition goes, it will calibrate your daily needs based on your weight and height. Then you can track your macros to make sure you are meeting, not exceeding, your limits in order to acheive a fit pregnancy!

Now here is a chance for one of you ladies to win your very own Healthy Baby Bump 12 week personalized program.

Disclaimer: I was given a Healthy Baby Bump program to test, at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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