Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I'm Human, Too.

It's been news that Selena Gomez recently put on a little weight. I follow her on Instagram and absolutely adore her, from her posts.

She recently posted the photo below. I read through some of the comments and couldn't believe my eyes.

One person, as seen below, had commented, "One chicken drum stick.. Lose the fat girl." 

Have we forgotten that she's human, too? Have we forgotten that celebrities are HUMANS?

Last week, I talked about haters and how everyone instantly becomes a lot braver when sitting behind a keyboard. Seems to be the truth, right?

While running my business and blog, I have people who look up to me. I love it and cherish it. However, I don't want you to believe that I am some superhuman. I have flaws and I am not perfect. 

I recently posted on my Facebook page my grocery shopping cart. Amongst the positive comments saying "Thanks for being real!" etc, there were also some telling me how "disappointed" they were in me for some of my grocery selections. However, I only showed a little over half of my actual groceries. The rest was frozen or fresh veggies and fresh ingredients that I use for my homemade weekly night dinners.

Since when did I become some organic only eating machine that wasn't allowed to have a little fun? I firmly believe in the living 80% clean and 20% indulgent rule. At one point in my life, I ate ONLY organic and clean 100% of the time and guess what-I was miserable, unhappy, and deprived. I was also way too skinny.

Some of the comments about my grocery list were directed at the frozen pizza or canned pasta sauce. Guess what? I have cheat days! Why? Because it is good for you-emotionally and mentally-not to mention that it helps raise your Leptin levels to burn more fat later on (it's science people).

I even had one comment on my son's fruit juice. Yes, the 100% ORGANIC fruit juice apparently wasn't good enough. Yes, too much juice will rot your kids teeth out, but did you know that I actually cut my son's organic juice with 3/4 purified water? Did you know that I rather have my son eat real sugar than fake sugary chemicals? Pick your battles, ladies.

Lastly, when did we get so judgy? Yes, I do preach clean eating, but I also preach cheat meals every once and a while-if you have the willpower to do so. You do not know my body, my family, nor my circumstances. So, why give your "two cents?"

Haters gonna hate. That's why. 

The point of this story is-we are all going to get criticized for something. Whether it be our weight, our looks, the foods we eat, the things we do, etc. Try not to let it get to you. Remove those people from your life. 

Be gentle with yourself. You are doing the best that you can.

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