Friday, July 12, 2013

Giving Birth Naturally-Without Pain Meds & Epidural

Call me crazy. Ask me why in the world would I wouldn't want a pain free birth? Ill tell you why!

Although I am not due to give birth till February, I am still planning and learning about the birth process. During labor, you have the option these days to have an epidural or to have pain meds (or both). My personal opinion for wanting a natural epidural free birth without pain meds is the fact that not only are you drugged up during the process, your infant comes out affected sometimes as well because it passes through the placenta. Also, I feel that pain is part of the process of creating and having a baby-its the experience-and if you take that away, you are missing out on the full effect. Having a baby-let's face it-is not supposed to be butterflies and rainbows. ITS HARD WORK. Epidurals are not only dangerous for you (could lead to cardiac arrest and possible paralysis in mama or respiratory failure in the infant), they can be dangerous for baby too. Epidurals also prolong labor and they decrease your sense to push-or any feeling from your tummt downward!

Here's an amazing article on the effects.

And another.

With all that being numb, can you see why labor lasts LONGER than it has to with an epidural?

No. I will not opt for a C-Section unless its an emergency.


  1. I think the most important part of a natural birth is to feel comfortable. once you are comfortable enough you can deal with pain a lot more.

  2. I think the best way to reduce pain while giving birht naturally is to be comfortable.


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