Friday, July 12, 2013

Why I Choose Delayed Cord Clamping

Another topic that I will be faced with at the time of my baby's birth is when to cut the cord. Obviously, this is something that most women never think about-mainly because they dont know they have a choice!
Delayed cord clamping can be very beneficial for you baby in so many ways! You ever notice how there is still blood in the cord when its cut and clamped? Its for a reason! Most importantly, it gives your baby more blood-more red blood cells to be exact-to prevent ANEMIA, which is common in newborns because early cord clamping reduces the baby's red blood cells by 50%. 

After birth, the cord is still pulsating with blood delivering to the baby because its not finished. If you delay the cutting by just a few extra minutes, your baby can get that extra iron it needs which can lead to better breastfeeding, transporting of oxygen, lower risk of jaundice, better muscle building, and important brain cell development.

See the difference after just 15 minutes?

Here is an amazing video explaining why you should not cut the baby's umbilical cord too early.

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