Friday, July 19, 2013

Sushi Safe During Pregnancy?

My husband took me out on a hot date last night to eat my favorite food in the whole world-SUSHI!
"WHAAAT?? YOU'RE PREGNANT! SUSHI IS BAD!" you may say. Hold up, there. Let me educate you for a bit!

Most doctors advise pregnant women to not eat sushi. Why is this? Because most sushi is actually made with raw fish which can contain bacteria that might be harmful to mom & baby. HOWEVER, sushi is perfectly fine if its:
  1. Made with COOKED fish (steamed, grilled, tempura).
  2. LOW is mercury. You can view the mercury levels in fish here:
There you have it! While doctors say to limit all fish intake when you are pregnant, I've got to think about the women in Asia who eat fish-all 3 meals-daily when pregnant and nothing happens. Besides, fish is an amazing source of Omega 3's AND DHA which is vital for baby's brain and organ formation!

So there you have it. Enjoy your sushi! Just make sure its cooked and low in mercury!
My favorite rolls are the Cowboy roll (filet mignon & avocado) and the Surf N Turf roll (filet mignon, avocado, tempura shrimp.)

Me & my car!

Me & my lovely husband who always smiles with his eyes closed haha!

My favorite rolls! The cowboy and surf n turf rolls!

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