Friday, July 19, 2013

Juicing While Pregnant

Hello prospective mothers, mothers to be, and those of you who are curious to get pregnant again! I wanna talk to you about freshly juiced juice! My husband and I immediately went out and bought a juicer at Target back in March after watching 2 documentaries: Food Matters & Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead. The movies changed our view of health. 

My husband lost 30lbs and counting! I lost 5lbs and toned up and gained muscle mass because I combined juicing with lifting weights! Since I had started juicing, I also noticed more ENERGY, stronger hair & nails, and clearer skin! I love my juicer and juicing a variety of fruits and veggies!

Now some of you have asked if I am still juicing while pregnant-YES! Of course! Why not?? Juicing gives not only mama but baby all the vitamins and nutrients it could possibly need to grow big and strong. However, some doctors warn against unprocessed aka fresh juice because its unpasteurized. The only danger in this if you juice it and then let it sit for a few days. I used to juice enough for a whole WEEK but since I got pregnant, I make my juice fresh so nothing potentially harmful has time to grow.

I would recommend juicing all mothers to be out there, especially those with fatigue and nausea-luckily I havent had any nausea during this pregnant. I will share with you my personal favorite juice recipe that I made up:

Sia's Glowing Juice
1 Pineapple
1 Bag Baby Carrots
2 Green Apples
2 Oranges
1 Graprefruit
2 Cucumbers
6 Kiwi
1 Bunch Kale or Spinach
(This should last you a week. I make mine weekly and drink a glass for breakfast)

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