Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How to Motivate Yourself to Lose the Weight

Looking back, if someone wouldve told me I would lose 45lbs, I woulda laughed in their face. But I did it.

I get lots of emails about how to get started; Id say that getting started and breaking your plateau are probably the two hardest parts of weightloss. We as humans tend to be LAZY! Its just in us. We sometimes lack motivation as well. When someone says, "Hey, Sia. How do I get started?" I usually say, "WATCH FOOD INC ON NETFLIX!! IT'LL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!" But then I was showering this morning and I got to thinking.. Thats not enough motivation for some people. It was for me, but what worked for me is not guaranteed to work for you or anyone else. You gotta have to WANT it. You gotta have to WANT to try. Its not easy, but it does get easier.

SO, Motivation is a big word. Without it, we fail. Here are some other things that motivated me to lose weight.

Think about WHERE your food comes from and HOW its made. When you are sitting in that drive thru at McDonalds, you order a bigmac with some fries and a soda. Got the image in your head? Ok good. That meat came out of the freezer right? So where did it come from before it was frozen and heavily processed? You've got to be kidding yourself if you think it came from a teeny little farm, cared for by a farmer. That was the old days. These days its all about quantity-not quality. That "cow" if you can even call it that anymore, came from a FACTORY where it was injected with growth hormones, beat and abused, and neglected. The factory process is a very scary thing-sometimes feces and other objectcs gets mixed up with the foods and thats where people get sick. I tell you what, I havent touched fast food  in over a year now and I have not gotten sick one time anymore since then. Ok so you have that mental image of your "meat?" Now think about the fries... Have you ever lost a fry between the seats of your car-only to find it 7 months later-still looking like it came out of the fryer? You ever WONDER WHY that is? Chemicals, baby. CHEMICALS! Preservatives! Think about your body's reaction to that crap. How hard do you think your body has to WORK to disintegrate that shit enough to TRY and get SOME kind of nutrients from it? Poor body. And then that SODA. 12 tsps sugar is in the average soda. Soda not only causes health issues such as diabetes but it eats away at your natural stomach lining and your enamel on your teeth. Lovely.
When I wanted to start losing, I goolged pics of people whom I wanted to look like and I would save the photos as my background on my computer or store them in a folder. My favorites were the Victoria Secret models. I wanted the body of one!! I also googled people like Arianny Celeste, Jamie Eason, Jennifer Nicole Lee, etc. FIND YOUR MOTIVATION! YOU CAN DO THIS!

One smart choice leads to another. Always think: "Whats the healthier alternative to this unhealthy food I like?" Im sure you will find something thats healthier and taste better. Healthy food isnt always gross I promise. Nor is it always expensive. Buy fruits and veggies in season. I like those bags of frozen tilapia and salmon filets at Walmart.

READ THE LABELS  ON FOODS! The more ingredients it has, the worse the product is. Stuff you can not pronounce are usually chemicals and preservatives. JUNK. You want to eat natural food. Not something they had to add flavor or color too. Geez. You might as well go to Toys R Us and buy the fake plastic picnic set and eat that.

LOVE YOUR BODY. Think of it as a machine or a car. I own a 2013 Ford Mustang and I only put PREMIUM gas in it. I treat it like my baby. I would never put unleaded or cheap gas inside of it. Because it is a nice car and it was expensive. YOUR BODY IS NO DIFFERENT.

YOU ONLY HAVE ONE BODY SO MAKE THE MOST OF IT!!!!! You were bought with a price, you were a miracle, so treat your body, your machine, with the BEST calories possible. Your body is more important than any car. So put only the best into it because what you put in, you get out. If you put trash in, trash out it is.

I hope this made sense to everyone. I had so many things to say this morning!! Im about to head to work but I hope this post helped you guys somehow.. Losing weight is all a mind game.. You can do it.



PS: Find your motivation.


  1. wow! thats completely amazing, and I really loved that you shared your exeprience regarding
    lose weight and i must say that you look very fit and healthy. Its not easy to lose weight after you give birth to a baby, Hats off to you.

  2. Totally makes sense,. Read your recent blog on FOOD INC and watched it. I was so amazed.
    Came across your site on Pintrest and been stuck on it for 2 Days! :)


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