Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Diet During Pregnancy

(I am 12 weeks pregnant here!)

I get a lot of questions asking what my typical pregnancy diet consists of these days. To be honest, my diet has not really changed since before I was pregnant- I STILL eat healthy, I eat every 2-3 hours, but I have limited my caffeine intake, sugar intake, & fat intake for the most part.

Since my body is hard at work creating this tiny little human being, I want to prime my body with only the BEST of the BEST. That means NOT giving into crazy cravings-no fried foods, no sugary stuff, no chips, no overly processed yucky chemicals!

I try to home make all of my foods, but since my husband and I like to go out to eat, I choose the healthiest choices on the menu. I would definitely say to try and make ALL of your food because that way, you know whats in it! I avoid fast food restaurants at ALL costs. No Mickey D's for me!

I eat around 1,800-2,500 calories on average per day now. So far weight gain is still at zero. I will go to bed with a belly and wake up with abs-I think its mainly just water weight and bloating at this point!

A typical breakfast for me is Ezekiel cereal with almond or coconut milk. I also like egg white omelets with spinach and mushrooms. I also will make homemade granola bars.
My mid morning snack is either Greek yogurt or my homemade juice that I juice at home.
A typical lunch for me is something I make-salad with fish or chicken- or a healthy choice meal if I am on the go.
A mid noon snack is usually frozen grapes of some types of fruit or vegetable. Whenever I was feeling a bit nauseous, I would snack on Goldfish, but that lasted only two weeks and I no longer eat that.
A typical dinner is usually fish, soup, lean skinless chicken, or lean beef with a side of spinach, baked sweet potato slices, bell peppers, or mushrooms! I eat unlimited fruits & veggies for the most part :)

I do enjoy sweets ONLY in moderation. Two nights ago, my husband and I enjoyed a VEGAN Dairy free cupcake and it was great :)

If you guys have any questions, feel free to message me on my Facebook page.

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  2. When u say u limit fats.. Do u mean good fats such as avacado and nuts?

    1. Good fats are a must. When I say limit fat intake I'm talking about fatty meats and fried greasy foods,


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