Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Our 2nd OB Appointment + Ultrasound PICS!!

Our little munchin. 

Today, marks 13 weeks and 2 days of pregnancy and we got to meet Mini Cooper for the 2nd time! This time, MC was a LOT bigger and we were impressed. They usually dont do ultrasounds at this week, but I personally asked my doctor and, well, she freaking rocks! She even let Grady, my husband, find the heartbeat using the Doppler. The heart rate was in the 160 range and baby was kicking and moving its arms and legs more than ever-we were so amazed! I am so surprised that you cannot feel the movement this early, but it was so precious. Our lil one even had its mouth wide open! Doctor said baby was very healthy and we are so blessed for this. My total weight gain thus far is one pound though my bump is starting to take shape and my abs are disappearing slowly.

Our next OB appt is in 4 weeks, however in 3 weeks WE WILL KNOW THE GENDER!!!!
Yes, we are going to find out early!
Although, I kinda have my firm beliefs now on what Mini Cooper is. 

Stay tuned!

Amazing what difference 4 weeks makes?
(Left: 8 weeks 4 days-Right: 13 weeks 2 days)

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