Monday, May 26, 2014

20 Signs You're a Mom

Being a mom is such a joy! It has its moments that I am sure every mommy can relate to at some point or another. Here are 20 signs that you're a mom!
  1. Your food and coffee goes cold while you feed your little ones first.
  2. Sleep? Hahaha.
  3. You put off that long awaited pedicure for a Tonka truck set or a Frozen figurine collection.
  4. Coffee becomes your lifeline.
  5. You have a knack for hearing crying..  even if it's not happening at that moment.
  6. Your wardrobe around the house consists of lounging in your nursing bra because it's easier to feed your kids that way.
  7. Old regurgitated milk becomes your new fashion accessory.
  8. You skip washing your hair while sneaking in a shower while your little one sleeps.. in fear of him waking up that exact moment.
  9. You sleep with one eye open.
  10. You can eat a sandwich with one hand while wiping poop with the other.
  11. It takes you at least 30 minutes to get ready TO get ready to go out with your little one.
  12. Instead of running away from vomit, you run towards it.
  13. Grocery store trips alone are your long awaited vacations.
  14. You're so tired that you wash a load of laundry.. only to realize you forgot to put in any detergent. (true story)
  15. You memorize all of the words to Spongebob Squarepants episodes.
  16. You start selecting clothes based on their comfort level.
  17. Nursing bras & tanks replace your Victoria's Secret stash.
  18. You start speaking to your husband in baby talk.
  19. You start referring to yourself in 3rd person as "Mommy" to everyone you talk to.
  20. Disney movies fill your Netflix instant que.

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