Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Personal Update

Hi ladies! I figured it was time for a personal update of how life is going!

At 15 weeks postpartum, my husband and I are in LOVE with our baby boy and enjoying parenthood as much as we can. I am so blessed beyond belief to be able to stay home with my son and work from home. God granted me with such a giving and loving man who has made this possible. I wanted to work from home to be able to spend as much time with my children as possible and to watch them grow and learn new things.

Previously, I had discussed postpartum depression. After meeting with a doctor and getting on Zoloft, I am feeling a worlds difference. I am super happy and thankful that I made the bold decision to talk to someone. Depression can be a very scary thing, after all. With the loving support of my husband, it was for the best! It's been nothing but sunshine for the last month.

We made an impromptu trip to Knoxville TN to see my mother in law who was hospitalized (she is doing much better now!) and it was Grey's first time traveling a long distance. He did amazing on the almost 10 hour drive.

We also moved into a new home which we love. I call it my dream home because it has everything I could possibly want! So I have been busily decorating and STILL unpacking. Moving is not easy with a newborn! Haha.

My husband and I took Grey to church for the first time this past Sunday and he did so well! We cannot wait to start going again, now that everything is getting back to routine.

SO sorry I have been a spotty blogger as of late-we have been busy little bees. I just wanted to update you all on the goodness in the Cooper household!

Hope you all are well!


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