Monday, May 12, 2014

Haddon & Co. Bowtie Onesie Cardigan Review

Hey ladies, I have got another great little gift for Father's Day!

Today, I am reviewing Haddon & Co, a company founded by a husband & wife team who were tired of the lack of cute little boy clothes out there today. So, they took their sewing machine and got to work-all from their own home!

I had the chance to test the Gray Cardigan & Bowtie Onesie Set on my son. This is probably one of the cutest little boy's outfits that I have EVER seen. This item is handmade which is very cool and it comes in a variety of different sizes-you can even choose from 4 or 5 different bowties! I chose the orange because my family is from Tennessee and we are Vols fans! GO VOLS! Woohoo!

If you look at the rest of Haddon & Co.'s inventory, you will see plenty other cardigan bowtie onesies with different colored cardigans-some are even striped! That's not all-Haddon & Co. also sells suspenders and ties as well.

This outfit is perfect for Father's Day which is just around the corner. It is also perfect for holidays, Christmas, baby's 1st birthday, weddings-you name it!

As you can see, Grey looked very handsome in his Haddon & Co. cardigan bowtie onesie! We absolutely loved taking him out in it and got so many compliments on the suit! He looked like the perfect little gentleman.

Here is a chance to win a yellow cardigan & bowtie onesie set from Haddon & Co! Pictured above! Enter below to win!

To get your own cardigan and bowtie onesie set or to learn more about Haddon & Co. visit their:

Disclaimer: I was given a cardigan set to test, at no cost. All opinions are my own.

Navy Cardigan and Bow Tie Set - Grey Gingham or You Pick - cardigan onesies

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