Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Your Body Is Not Ruined!

In a world that teaches us that our flaws aren't beautiful, it's no wonder why women flock to different products or procedures to help us achieve a tangible form of beauty. Thanks to Photoshop, we can no longer be ourselves-instead it tells us that we must "touch up" our rough patches in order to become the best version of ourselves. Ain't that some shit?

A lot of women get down about their postpartum bodies after giving birth due to stretch marks. Some women will refuse to get pregnant because they fear that babies ruin bodies. I've also heard of women who quit weightlifting because as their muscles grew-so did their stretch marks. But why are we ashamed of these lines? These lines tell a story. The story of who you are and the choices you made along the way. Wear them loud and proud. If someone has an issue with it, then to hell with them!

Flaws are beautiful. Whether it is your stretch marks, a scar, cellulite, a freckle, a discoloration, whatever it may be: you were created with a purpose and are something special. Don't hide behind a mask. Don't feel the need to change yourself if the world tells you to-instead, do it because YOU want to.  Remember this: You are not your flaws. Your flaws do not define you. YOU define THEM!

When I posted this photo of my less than perfect bum after giving birth, I never knew the kind of positive and encouraging attention it would receive! The response was remarkable. I felt happy that I was okay with being imperfect. 

With a world driven by image and perfection and unattainable Photoshopped standards of beauty, it’s uncomfortable for us to imagine the magnitude of what a woman may feel she had to “sacrifice” by “ruining her body” in order to have a baby. The statement in this picture offers a different way to think about it though.


Whether your stretch marks were from having a baby or from muscle growth-don't be ashamed. Wear your stripes loud  and proud and let them hear you roar.

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