Monday, May 12, 2014

Activities to Do With a 3-6 Month Old!

My son will be turning 14 weeks tomorrow and he is getting more and more active & aware of his surroundings everyday. I can finally start playing with him more instead of watching him sleep, but what exactly is good for a 3 month old to do? You might feel stuck and not sure how to "play" with your baby and that is totally okay!

Here are a few things we love to do!

  • Reading a short story. Believe it or not, babies love books at this age. They are learning not only YOUR words, but they are learning to find their own voice as well. Reading will help them learn, yes, but it will also help you bond with him or her and improve their language and thinking skills.
  • Noises. Making different noises always sparks my sons attention-and even ends up in a laugh!
  • Roll Over. We like to lay on our big carpet in our living room and roll around! This may seem simple or silly, but teaching your 3 month old how to roll can help him learn to maneuver around his surroundings-which leads to faster crawling and walking. Babies also love the movement and feel so excited when you cheer for them!
  • Mimicking. At this age, babies tend to start mimicking their parents and the faces and sounds they make. (Also a great time to watch what comes out of your mouth!) Try making different silly faces or sounds repetitively and see if he or she will return the gesture.
  • Mirrors. Babies are learning to discover themselves at this age-their hands, feet, and faces! They LOVE to see themselves. Investing in a small mirror to show your baby their reflection is a great idea and can keep him or her entertained for a while.
  • Textures. At this stage, babies love to touch. Give him or her different textured items to discover and to touch.
  • Talk! Perhaps the most important thing of all-talk to your baby. No, dont goo goo gaga back at them. Tell them about your day like you would anyone else. This helps your baby develop social skills and gets to know you better!

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