Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Short Hair, Don't Care

So... I did it!
I chopped my hair right on off.
I had been wanting to for some time now. After all, my hair was in terrible shape from years of heat styling and coloring. My husband and I recently bought a clipper set because I wanted to learn to cut his hair at home (which was a success by the way!) and so I told him to just buzz it right on off. We took an # 8 guard because I wanted it to still be somewhat long and he buzzed it!

The result?

Needless to say, I LOVE my new hair. I was planning on growing it back out asap, but who knows, I may keep it this short for a while. As a new mom, it is easier to manage.

Here are my inspirations for going short:

The Incredible Halle Berry

Risultato della ricerca immagini di Google per http://www.hairpedia.com/hair-styles/Celebrity-Hairstyles-Women/Halle-Berry/Halle-Berry-in-Black-Leather-40039PCN2.jpg

Halle Berry Talks Signature Short Hairstyle And Hair Extensions (PHOTOS)

Is it fair that genetically gifted Halle Berry would look amazing with no hair at all? Not really, but we can still envy her spiky pixie cut and copy it for ourselves.More Hairstyles for Older Women:Short Haircuts Over 50Bob Hairstyles Over 4010 Perfect PonytailsShort Hair Over 40Red Hair Over...

The Unforgettable Miss Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn. (now that my hair is short I gotta look to these pros for style inspiration).

Audrey Hepburn short hair perfection!

And the Beautiful Marion Cotillard!

I like this if I were to get a really short haircut, particularly because it's for curly hair.

great long bob for curly hair if your looking for a haircut change.

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