Tuesday, May 6, 2014

5 "Healthy" Foods that Secretly Aren't So Healthy

It's no secret that foods out there with a reputation of being some of the "healthiest" choices really aren't that good for you. The word "healthy" gets thrown around a bit in supermarkets with product labels by companies hoping to intrigue dieters by promising more energy, lower fat, zero sugar, etc. However, some of these products are not always what they may seem!

1. Granola: The cereal itself is actually quite fattening. That’s because granola cereals often contain oils, including high in saturated fat coconut oil, sugar, nuts and other high calorie foods. One cup of granola can contain as much as 25 grams of sugar alone! Granola is not all that bad though it contains fiber and important minerals; however, it would be a good idea to limit your intake.
2. Sushi: Japanese food is usually-and has always been- healthy, but when you Americanize it and start adding things like cream cheese and tons of avocado, that’s when you run into problems when trying to lose those few extra pounds. What's your best bet? Skip the spicy mayo & cream cheese and aim for something along the lines of the tuna roll or California roll which are lower in fat and overall better for you.
3. Frozen Diet Meals: Sure Lean Cuisine and Weight Watcher frozen entrees are fairly low in calories and convenient, but they’re also highly processed and high in sodium-not to mention the amount of preservatives in them! Also, since they are low calorie meals, it may not be enough for you. I used to eat the Healthy Choice meals and most of them would average around 250 calories-per MEAL. That's what I call a snack!
4. Protein Bars: Also known as "glorified candy bars, protein bars are  often high in calories, fat and do little to satisfy a person’s hunger. Some of them even contain triglycerides and are high in cholesterol! These bars were designed with athletes in mind; however, most of the people that consume them do so due to its convenience as a "healthy" snack.
5. Pretzels:  They’re low in fat and low on nutrition. They’re basically empty calories! Though pretzels themselves are not unhealthy, they’re basically all sugar so they’ll make you hungrier and you’ll gain weight as a result of over-eating.

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