Wednesday, November 12, 2014

2 Things You MUST Know to Stay Fit This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just right around the corner and most of us are already planning our big holiday feasts or will be going to one. Don't get blindsighted by all of the yummy food, though! Being a holiday does not warrant a reason to go overboard with our calories as we usually tend to do. However, everything is great (as you have heard a bazillion times) in moderation.


Did you know that the average person eats over 1,000 calories in just the Thanksgiving dinner alone? Yikes!!!!!

1. Think before you eat: Here are the recommended proportions for a typical Thanksgiving meal and the amount of activity to burn the calories off.


3 oz. of Turkey (about 150 calories) = 15 Minute Run
1/2 Cup of Casserole (150 calories) = 15 Minutes of Dancing
1/2 Cup of Stuffing (180 calories) = 30 Minutes of Pilates
1/2 Cup of Mashed Potatoes (150 calories) = 300 Burpees
1/4 Cup Cranberry Sauce (100 calories) = 20 Minutes of Stair Running
1/4 Cup of Gravy (50 calories) = 50 Burpees
1 Tsp. Butter  (35 calories) = 10 Minutes of Cycling
5 oz. of Pie (350 calories for pumpkin; 400 calories for apple pie;  500 calories for pecan) = 60 Minutes of Yoga, 35 Minutes of Running, Jogging for 45 Minutes)
2. Abide by correct portion sizes: Here are the recommended portion sizes for an average Thanksgiving dinner.


3 oz. of Turkey = Deck of Cards
1/2 Cup of Casserole = One Standard Scoop of Ice Cream
1/2 Cup of Stuffing = A Billiard Ball
1/2 Cup of Mashed Potatoes = Half of a Tennis Ball
1/4 Cup Cranberry Sauce = One Golf Ball
1/4 Cup of Gravy = One Golf Ball
1 Tsp. Butter = One Die
5 oz. of Pie = 1/6 of an 8" Pie
Source: Spark People

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