Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Last Night, My Husband Cheated...

Last night, my husband cheated.. in my dreams, that is. 

My husband is the most loyal human being on the planet. We still text and talk daily just as we did when we were dating and becoming head over heels with each other. He never fails to tell me that I am beautiful and that he loves and misses me daily when he goes to work.

So, why this crazy dream? It did not make any sense. However, being the person that I am, I believe that everything is sent to you as a sign from greater things above.

Ever since becoming a mommy, I have had to divide my attention between two people: my son and my husband. My son, being a baby, is so needy by nature and I, being the mommy, feel the need to tend to his every need. So much that I sometimes, without realizing it, put my husband on the backburner.

I work from home and juggle watching my son and cleaning the house in the process. Then when my husband comes home, I want nothing but alone time or "me time."

You time is totally fine. I encourage every wife or husband to have their own time. But, you have got to make time for your spouse. Even if you have had the most hectic day on the planet, your spouse is there to be your rock, your shoulder to lean on.

I got to thinking as I lay in the bed. 
When was the last time I really cuddled my husband? 
When was the last time I got lost in a makeout session with him or held him?

Yikes. If I had to ask then chances are it had been way too long.

I moved in close to my husband as he slept and I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him. I put thoughts of my son aside. I put thoughts of my work aside. I put thoughts of my daily household tasks aside and just focused on my husband alone. He reacted with joy almost immediately. It felt so good to just put him first.

Do I really believe that my husband will cheat? Absolutely not. I know him better than that. 

Do I think my dream was warning me that he would cheat on me? No way.

Here is what I do believe: 

That dream was a symbol of our unintentional distance that I was creating. I was not putting my husband first as God instructed me to do so when we married. I was acutally putting everything but my husband first.

It is true. Sometimes spouses do cheat because they feel the love, warmth, and attention elsewhere. Does that make cheating right? Absolutely NEVER. But, I think that God had sent my dream as a wake up call to enjoy the loyal husband that I have and to give him what he deserves: my time.

I encourage all of you mommies out there to set aside a few minutes in your hectic day to show your husband some love. 

Here are a few great ways!
  • Send him a text telling him you appreciate him.
  • Send him a sexy picture during the day.
  • Make him his morning coffee or breakfast.
  • Make him his favorite meal for dinner.
  • Get him a small and sentimental gift.
  • Write him love notes and leave them in places he is sure to find them.
  • Give him a massage.
  • Slip on something a little sexy at bedtime. 
  • Don't forget to DATE!!
Happy marriages to you all! 

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