Friday, November 21, 2014

3 Simple Ways to Stay Fit as a Stay-at-Home Mommy

Since I quit my full time nursing career to become a stay-at-home mother or "SAHM" while I was pregnant, I had to make some HUGE adjustments.. especially since I don't just "stay at home"-I work at home as well by running my own business. 

SAHMs in general don't just spend their time sitting around the house, doing nothing-they DO work whether it be chasing around the little ones, bathing or feeding the kids, doing laundry, washing dishes, grocery shopping, etc etc etc. Add working and making an income while from home to ALL of that and BOOM! Recipe for barely any YOU time. Right? 

I struggled to find time to workout in the beginning, especially since staying at home was far from what I had imagined. I thought I would have plenty of time to get a few workouts in-HA! I chuckle at that misconception.

I have learned that to stay fit as a SAHM, you have GOT to make the time because free time comes in small doses.

Here are 3 simple ways how I stay fit as a Stay-at-Home Mommy:
  1. Take advantage and make a plan.  I plan to workout each morning before my son wakes up. This means I have to wake up at least one hour before my son does. So, around 5:30am, I wake up, put my gym clothes on, and workout in my home gym. I know what you are thinking... "Oh, you are so lucky to have a gym in your home!" Well, since having a baby, it is hard for me to go drive to a gym much less take a shower or eat my meals before they turn cold. So, yes, I invested a little money and effort and I created my own home gym to have this convenience, though not always so convenient.
  2. Workout with your baby. Your baby does not always sleep when YOU want him to sleep. Babies and kids go by their clocks and their clocks only. If they wake up from their nap or refuse to nap, include them in your workout! I have created several different babywearing workouts and other workouts in which you can use your baby as a weight. This equals entertainment and attention for them while you sneak a workout in. Plus, it is so much fun! If you are not into that, take your stroller and go for a jog. Even simpler, just take your kids to the local park-anything to get up and out of the house and off of the couch.
  3. Try a workout DVD. I used to think workout DVDs were useless... until I became a mother. Now, they are glory! I use Netflix's workout selection which is pretty decent. I also like XBOX's fitness app as well. For the last few months, I have been doing yoga via and it has really helped with stress, etc. Don't rule DVDs out just yet-find one that you like and pop it in once little one sleeps and give it your all!

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