Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Newest Piece of Gym Equipment!

Hi fit mamas! I have something SUPER cool to show you! THIS is the Koreball-a collapsible, portable, and fillable medicine ball meets kettlebell. It is absolutely awesome and the only one of its kind that I have come across. 

Holiday parties are coming... Stay in shape with the Koreball-kettlebell

KOREBALL’S unique patent pending design gives you these key benefits:
  • A fat burning cardiovascular workout.
  • Helps build lean muscles.
  • Engages core muscles, providing tone.
  • Increases body core stability, flexibility and balance.
  • Improves body coordination, stamina and mental focus.
  • Bladder can be filled with water or sand. Water the weight equals 11 pounds ands sand equals 20 pounds.
  • Comfortable dual handles offer a variety in routines.
  • Collapsible and compact for travel: easy to store away.
Collapsible Koreball-kettlebell sand and water fillable

The innovative, patent pending KOREBALL design combines the familiar shape of the traditional kettlebell and a medicine ball. Safe and comfortable to use, the KOREBALL kettlebell system is for all fitness levels.

Just look at mine below! 

First of all, the halfs come off with easy screws that you can use your hands to remove in minutes (if not seconds). You fill each half with either sand or water, and screw it back on-then you are ready to go!

The half on the left is loosely filled with water (the more water or sand you put in it, the more heavier it will be!) and the half on the right is empty, just to give you an idea of how it works.

The fact that this product is fillable allows you to control the weight which is very nice. It is also highly durable (my son had gotten ahold of it and started throwing it on the ground)! 

I really liked the dual grip because it really allowed you to get a better grip of it as you worked out as opposed to kettlebells or even medicine balls which have no handles.

Overall, both my husband and I enjoyed using this product. It allowed my husband to workout without stressing his joints to much since he recently had surgery. This is a perfect product for busy moms (or dads) on the go! Just empty & collapse it, take it with you, and then refill it.

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Disclaimer: I was given a Koreball to test, at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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