Monday, November 10, 2014

4 Genius Portion Control Products You'll Want!

Counting calories or measuring out proper meal time proportions isn't for everyone. After all, many of us don't have time for it. Some, don't even want to make the time. Luckily, there are a few products out there that makes this all a breeze-while having fun doing it!

Here are my 4 favorite portion control products that you will want:

1. PortionMate ($15)
PortionMate is a set of six color-coded cylinders that includes volumes from largest to smallest — 1-cup (green), 3-ounce (red), 3/4-cup (yellow), 1/2-cup (orange), 1/3-cup (blue), and 1-ounce (purple).
This is the perfect addition for any wine lover out there. Wine is wonderful and filled with tons of antioxidants, but we cannot forget that sometimes it can add on the pounds. This is a clever way of counting calories while you drink!


This handy dandy tool is one of my favorites for getting your meal time portions right on. It fits directly over your plate and all you do is fill each hole with the corresponding side or meal. It even tells you what goes where!

These are basically a measuring cup inside of a bowl! These bowls make measuring cereal, pasta, rice, yogurt, or snacks a breeze.


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