Tuesday, January 27, 2015

3 Simple Steps to Becoming a Fit Mommy

Fit mommies are popping up everywhere, it seems.

Mostly, it is the criticisms that we hear regarding them and the fact that they are setting "unrealistic expectations" to some than the goodness of what they do.

Regardless, becoming a fit mommy seems to be on a lot of ladies' wish lists and I am excited to tell you that you can be one, too!

When I gave birth almost one year ago to my beautiful baby boy, I made it a point to keep fit during pregnancy. I wanted to instill those healthy core values in my family before my son even arrived. Becoming a mother has made my body so much better than it was before. I feel sexy and strong, knowing what I am capable of.

Left: 2010 pre-baby, Right: 2014 10 months post-partum

I had dropped 45lbs prior to pregnancy and continued 5 day a week workouts all throughout my pregnancy and up until the day that I gave birth. I actually ran 3 miles the day I went into labor, on my due date. Apparently, I was in labor the whole day and didn't know it. #firstpreggoproblems


Here's how to become a fit mommy in 3 simple steps!

1. Give birth.
2. Workout
3. Eat clean.

That's it!

I know what you are thinking. "You're joking, right?" 

Being a fit mom does not mean you have to have a six pack, toned legs, or a nice, round butt. It does not mean that you have to hang out at the gym for 3 hours everyday, posting selfies. It does not mean you have to compete in bikini comp. It does not mean that you have to be a size 2 or rock skinny jeans. It does not mean you go without slipping up on your diet here or there. Most of all, it does not mean that you are flawless.

Being a fit mom does mean that you have given birth at some point in your life and are steadily making strives to lead and live a healthier life. It does mean that you are working on a lifestyle change by steadily changing your eating habits and teaching your children to do the same. It does mean that you are making a point to get up and out of the house to grab a few minutes of sunshine and to move your body. It does mean that you are mentally well and doing more of what makes you happy.

Becoming a "fit mommy" or a fit person, in general, isn't easy. When you add kids and a new lifestyle to the mix, it SURELY does not get any easier than before.

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