Friday, January 23, 2015

Featuring Guest Blogger & Fellow Personal Trainer Maggie Winzeler!

Hi there!

My name is Maggie Winzeler. Sia has been kind enough to allow me to share a bit of advice with her loyal readers. Thank you, Sia!

I’m a fitness professional in Washington, DC and have been honored to work with some of the best professionals in the fitness industry as well as high profile clients (politicians, celebrities, former athletes, and the like); however, I recently decided to cut back on the number of hours I’m training people one-on-one. I want to reach a wider audience via my fitness/wellness blog: so that people outside of the DC region can grow through fitness too. I believe that the most important information about women’s health and fitness should be readily available, transparent, and credible, not just reserved for people who can afford to pay premium personal training prices. I can’t even afford to hire myself! Haha.

I’ve learned a lot from my eight fitness certifications, having traveled all over to earn them; India to learn yoga; South Beach, Florida to become disciplined in Pilates; and Sedona, Arizona where I first got hands-on personal training experience at a destination spa. I’ve also learned a lot from actively testing out training protocols so that I can speak to them more personally and professionally when clients ask how to run a marathon, “bulk” for weight lifting, compete in an obstacle race, train for a century ride, etc.

So, what is the most important take away that I’ve learned from all these fitness experiences? I’ve learned that what motivates people the most is finding something that’s FUN. Yes, it’s that simple.

I can implore clients to lift weights on their own even though they hate lifting. I can encourage clients to do more steady-state (i.e., endurance) cardiovascular exercise even though they find it insanely boring. I can also text, email and/or call to see if they’re on track with every workout, but ultimately, these efforts only go so far to motivate people. Until an individual finds something she enjoys, be it Boxing, Zumba, Spinning class, Vinyasa Yoga, Road Runner Clubs, etc., she will only find part of the full motivation she needs to work hard and see results.

In short, what I’m saying is that you should not be discouraged if you don’t enjoy the same exercise class that your BFF goes to religiously. Keep trying out classes until you find one that you love! Also, try not to doubt your ability to get into the shape you want just because you found out that training for a half marathon isn’t your mojo. Try something else! There are plenty of exercises, classes, races, groups, and more to get involved with. Think of it like dating – you don’t have to settle for the guy who asked you out on your first date. Unless it’s life-long love, why would you?! First dates can be uncomfortable, stressful, and awkward. Or am I the only one who experienced this? Trying out new exercise routines can feel the same.

I have written thousands upon thousands of exercise plans so I could easily offer one up, but that would defeat the point of this particular message because I want to encourage you all to try things out until you find something you love. At that point, you will find the energy and motivation you need to see results! Who doesn’t want that?! Sia has provided tons of routines to help get you started in the discovery process.

I want to mention two more quick points: 

What you love might change over the course of your life. You’re probably thinking, duh Maggie! Seriously though, I have seen so many women get discouraged because what they enjoy before having a baby doesn’t correlate with what they want after having a squirming, sweet bundle of joy. That’s okay! Also, for example, if you discover that running just isn’t helping your body feel its best anymore and you thereby stop enjoying and doing it as much, don’t feel as if your back is up against the wall. This means that there is a new form of exercise you will soon discover that will catapult you forward into a new physique that you never imagined was possible!

     Supplement whatever exercise you love with exercise you NEED. Try to do around 1/3 of your workouts focused around exercises you need to balance out your routine. For example, if you do yoga most days of the week, it’s probably a good idea to do some cardio exercise once or twice a week and/or a little weight lifting here and there to ensure your muscles are staying strong in addition to being flexible.

I encountered a major transition for my body when I was hit by a car in 2009. All of the sudden I found that I couldn’t get away with skipping stability training and foam rolling. My body was out of balance due to major soft tissues damages in my left hip and low back. On weeks that I disciplined myself to stay focused on slower, more deliberate moves, I found that I was able to enjoy my squats, high-impact jumps, and full-body circuit training without pain.

Each person is different and has unique needs. A part of your journey is being honest and realistic with yourself about what your needs and wants are. Please don’t hesitate to ask me questions if you’re having a hard time figuring it out! Enjoyment and results are probably right around the corner!
Yours in health always,

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