Thursday, January 29, 2015

My New Favorite Way to Tone My Thighs (And Burn Lots of Calories!)

Sooo, I got a NEW piece of equipment that has stepped into the Diary of a Fit Mommy Gym recently. Are you excited as I am to hear about it??

It is called the Slide Board by Obsidian. This unique board was developed by Erin & Lacey, two personal trainers with extensive training. You burn a ton of calories by sliding back and forth as your form of pure cardio. I am not sure why I am just NOW hearing about the slide boarding craze, as it's been around for a while, but I love it!

The Obsidian Fitness Workout System includes a unique slide board which lets you slide from side to side which effectively engages the core muscles – burning stomach fat and losing inches around the waist line. These workouts will help tone your abs and obliques, leaner legs, a toner upper body and a firm and lifted behind. This amazing workout system will boost your metabolism so your body will continue to burn calories long after your workout.

Some features of the Slide Board by Obsidian are:

  • Comes with a LIFETIME guarantee. If anything breaks (ever), you are covered.
  • There's NOTHING to install. Just unroll and go!
  • Can do over 100 workouts.
  • Easy to use, easy to clean.
  • So much fun to use!
  • Comes with THREE DVD's (Beginner, Crazy Abs, and Pure Cardio) But there are a ton others as well.
  • Comes with a set of slide mitts and booties to wear.
  • Great for low impact cardio.
  • The board is kind of like a yoga mat in the fact that it can easily fold up and be stored anywhere. 

To be honest, when I was approached to review this slide board, I was not sure what to think. I am the type of girl who hates cardio and who loves lifting. But, I figured, why not? I couldn't believe how much fun I had with the board-my husband loved it too! 

The workouts are seriously aweome. They challenge your core to stay balanced as you slide, but they also tone your legs. You also use your arms to help slide yourself, so this makes the perfect total body at-home cardio.

Each morning, I will seriously pump up my iTunes and do my cardio using this board. My INNER and OUTER THIGHS have never been more toned! It is hard to believe that a simple board can do this, but it's not so simple. It is genius!

Don't believe me? Check out my video below!

To get your very own slide board for your home gym, visit the main site's store

Take 25% off of your entire purchase using promo code: SIA25. This code expires 05/31/15 so hurry! :)

Also, be sure to check out their Facebook, TwitterInstagram, & YouTube pages for news and more info!

Disclaimer: I was given a Slide Board to rest, at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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