Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Say Goodbye to Arm Bands & Hello to the FlipBelt!

Say goodbye to armbands and say hello to the FlipBelt!

My husband and I had the chance to test and review the FlipBelt-a new way of carrying your things when you workout (or need a reason to be hands-free). 

When you are at the gym and have no place to set your keys or wallet, this is your solution!

To use the belt correctly, all you do is place your belongings inside of the belt and flip it! It is that easy.

The FlipBelt held my husband's wallet as well as my iPhone 6+ and keys without ANY issues.

It also washed easily in the washing machine and dried very quickly, though it is not waterproof.

I did my HIIT workouts while wearing my belt and I noticed NO riding up! The belt actually stayed in place and none of my belongings fell out of it so it is SUPER secure.

I was also surprised at how comfy the belt was. The size I chose was an extra small since the belt is supposed to fit a big snug. You don't want it too loose! Thankfully, they have a sizing chart to view before making your purchase.

FlipBelts come is a variety of different solors as you can see below:

FlipBelt - Go hands free for any activity! Credit Card, Keys, Gels, Medical, Phones, iPod. Fits all phones including the iPhone 6 Plus!

Thanks to FlipBelt, I can finally go running without worrying about where to put my keys or phone. Sure, the armband thing works, but where the hell am I going to put my keys? This is one of the coolest things about this belt.

My family and I are going to Disney World next month and are so excited to bring our FlipBelts with us to carry our cash, phones, keys, medicine, chapstick, and ID cards.

To get your very own FlipBelt, click here!
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Disclaimer: We were given FlipBelts to test, at no cost. All opinions are our very own.

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