Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Detergent that Changed My Way of Living

I am so happy to bring you Molly's Suds today. This brand of detergent has changed the way that I live-not to mention, the way I think about some things. I have been striving to live greener and better-not because I have to, but because my family and I deserve the very best.

I have been using their cloth diapering detergent for a while now, but I recently had the chance to try their All Sport Laundry Detergent.

The founder of Molly's Suds-a pediatric nurse & mom- had her daughter on Christmas Eve of 2005, but she never took her first breath of air. This unexpected event prompted her to do research into stillborns and what causes this to happen. What she found shocked her: we were slowly being poisoned by the products we buy. All the chemicals, all the additives-it all slowly poisons us. Some of us are so careful to eat organic meats and produce, but we never think about the actual products we use on our bodies: shampoos, body wash, nail polish, lipstick, you name it. Some of the studies might frighten you!

Molly's Suds was then created after their daughter, Molly. To read the rest of her touching story (I encourage you!), click here

Their detergents contain no synthetic chemicals or additives and no harmful ingredients. 

They even make a pet shampoo

I had the chance to try the All Sport Laundry Detergent this time around. First off, the SMELL is sooo perfect with its citrusy goodness. This bottle retails for around $13 and lasts up to 32 loads.

So, how well does it work? To get all scientific, the All Sport Laundry Detergent eliminates tough odor-causing bacteria in performance wear through the use of “colloidal micelles”, which creates an energy field of safe cleaning power that penetrates and breaks up oil and dirt molecules into soluble components.

More features to this detergent:

  • Formulated for synthetic and technical fibers, the liquid helps to preserve wicking capabilities, breathability, SPF and water repellency, keeping your clothes looking new and fresh. 
  • Super-concentrated and affordable so you do not have to use much of it.
  • Formulated with non-toxic, food-grade ingredients and without the use of UV brighteners, harsh chemicals, or synthetic fragrance. 
  • Effective as a pre-treatment for stains and great as a sink wash for delicates or as a general laundry soap.
  • Versatile product for any family household.
  • It can also be used as a cleaner if you dilute 1:1 ratio with water in a spray bottle.
After the wash, my clothes came out smelling clean, but the nice touch of citrus was something else that I just couldn't get enough of! I loved using this detgergent for my husband's work uniforms and my son's onesies. 

The other night, my son was vomiting non-stop (which ultimately ended up in an ER trip) and so I tried this detergent on our bedsheets and his outfit that he was wearing. The laundry came our fresh and you wouldn't have believed the amount of vomit that was once on them!

Molly's Suds creates some awesome products. I plan to switch from Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent to this All-Sport Laundry Detergent for our future laundering needs.

Molly's Suds even has a blog filled with very useful information to read through. You can check it out here:

To learn more about Molly's Suds or to purchase their detergent for your cloth diapers, pet, or household laudry, visit:

Disclaimer: I was given a Molly's Suds cloth diaper detergent & laundry powder to test, at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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