Sunday, January 25, 2015

DIY Sensory Board for Babies and Toddlers

As my son approaches his very first birthday, his senses are growing and so is his curiosity to discover new things.

To feed his need to play and explore, I decided to create a sesory board for him. After seeing a few of my friends creating them for their children, I gave it a try!

We packed up in a buggy and headed into Lowe's to explore for items that would go on our sensory board.

Some items that we had gotten were:
  • a touch light
  • keys and a lock
  • plastic chains
  • carpet samples
  • wood samples
  • door locks
  • letters/numbers
  • a big square plyboard
Some other things that you can add to your board are:
  • light switch covers
  • door knockers
  • outlet covers
  • drawer knobs
  • fabric swatches
Seriously-the ideas are endless!!!

We used my husbands electric drill for some things since the plyboard was very thick and durable. Then we gorilla glued the rest such as the fabric and wood samples and the letter/numbers.

My son loved the board and played with it for hours on end. It also teaches them how to use their motor skills, as well as letting them grab and play with things they otherwise shouldn't play with (outlets, lights, etc).

All in all, the board took maybe $20 to make. I still want to add a few things onto it as it is kind of bare now, but that is the fun in this project!

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