Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Let Them Be Little

Growing up, one of the most sweetest and fondest memories I had in my childhood was with my grandmother.  

We did everything together. She encouraged me to have fun, play, and explore.  

Of one the things that I remember most is her allowing me to drag out each and every pot that she owned, along with chopsticks and wooden spoons, and beat them until there was no end in sight. In my mind, I was playing the drums. I was having a blast! Bless her heart for all of the lousness-but, she never once complained. 

Most of all, she let me be a little. Unfortunately, that was the last time I was allowed to be little in my entire life. 

I have seen many parents who take that away from their children. I've seen others take their children being little as an annoyance. 

They get mad when their children are too loud or if they run too fast. They get mad when they throw their food down or when they knock things off of the coffee table. 

But what are the children supposed to do?

Don't get me wrong. I am all about raising your child up properly to show them the right ways to do things, with manners, to become an extraordinary and responsible adult. I don't believe in letting your child overrun you or letting them become rambunctious by doing whatever they want. 

However there's a time in your life where you get one free pass to be little. 

During that short time, some of the best memories are made that can last for the rest of your lifetime. 

Albert Einstein once said that "Play is the highest form of research." 
He was correct. 

I thank my grandma for allowing me and embracing me to be the child that I was. I was loud and messy at times, but it fueled my creativity and lead me to the adult that I am today. 

My son loves to make a mess. In fact, he gets into everything. Sometimes I correct him, sometimes I just let him be. I can see the wheels turning in his brain and it's so remarkable to watch.

So let them be little. 
Let them splash a little too much in the bathtub.
Let the yell at the top of their lungs. 
Let them throw their food around. 
Let them bang on pots and pans.
Let the make noise.
Let them get dirty. 
Let them run around naked (at home).
Let them explore their curiosities.
Let them eat all of their Cheerios in one sitting. 
Let them play with the tv remote or the toilet paper.
Let them knock all of their Dr. Seuss books off the shelf. 
Let them unfold all of your hard worked laundry.
Let them do cartwheels in the house. 
Let them stash their veggies in their pants. 
For that moment will pass and be gone too soon.
Cherish it now. 
Let them be little. 

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