Tuesday, May 28, 2013

100 Ways to Date Your Husband

Here are 100 date activities that will strengthen your bond and reignite your passion:
  1. Go ice-skating.
  2. Take a pottery class.
  3. Challenge your date to a round of pool.
  4. Take a hot-air balloon ride.
  5. Take a tandem-bike ride.
  6. Go to a dog or cat show.
  7. Go to the zoo.
  8. Play Pac-Man at a local arcade.
  9. Make snow angels.
  10. Play tag in your backyard.
  11. Go golfing.
  12. Check out a wine tasting.
  13. Go to an art fair.
  14. Go bowling.
  15. Listen to live jazz.
  16. Take salsa lessons.
  17. Go to the symphony.
  18. Attend a trivia night at your local bar.
  19. Check out a minor-league baseball game.
  20. Check into a local hotel.
  21. Throw darts.
  22. Play tennis.
  23. Have a potato-sack race.
  24. Go to an amusement park.
  25. Check out a hockey game.
  26. See a show at the theater.
  27. Cook a fancy meal together.
  28. Volunteer at an animal shelter.
  29. Ride go-karts.
  30. Play on the monkey bars at the park.
  31. Hike.
  32. Go to a science or history museum.
  33. Look at the stars through a telescope.
  34. Go to a drive-in movie.
  35. Visit your favorite bookstore.
  36. Play slots at a local casino.
  37. Go to a garden show.
  38. Take part in murder-mystery dinner theater.
  39. Go to a magic act.
  40. Play hide-and-seek.
  41. Go for a walk in the snow.
  42. Play strip Scrabble.
  43. Donate your time at a local women’s shelter.
  44. Go bungee jumping.
  45. Check out some open houses.
  46. Share a big banana split.
  47. Go to a haunted house.
  48. Visit garage sales.
  49. Take a hip-hop dance class.
  50. Go to a petting zoo.
  51. Get massages.
  52. Rent kayaks.
  53. Go camping.
  54. Visit a winery.
  55. Go to an aquarium.
  56. Play Frisbee.
  57. Play Marco Polo.
  58. Play Twister (clothes optional).
  59. Play laser tag.
  60. Go to a comedy show.
  61. Pack a picnic.
  62. Take a cooking class.
  63. Sample sushi and sake around town.
  64. Bake cookies.
  65. Go to an orchard.
  66. Buy lingerie together.
  67. Do strip teases for each other.
  68. Ride a Ferris wheel.
  69. Take a karate class together.
  70. Go for a horseback ride.
  71. Play mini-golf.
  72. Check out a local racetrack.
  73. Go to a local film fest.
  74. Have high tea or martinis at a fancy hotel.
  75. Have a silly or sexy photo shoot.
  76. Take a trapeze class.
  77. Go to a block party.
  78. Try out an indoor rock-climbing wall.
  79. Go to a water park.
  80. Take an improv acting class.
  81. Take a foreign-language class.
  82. Play one-on-one basketball.
  83. Go toy shopping and donate to a local children’s hospital.
  84. Go skydiving.
  85. Plant a garden (indoor or outdoor).
  86. Take scuba lessons.
  87. Fly kites.
  88. Go to a concert.
  89. Play paintball.
  90. Take a massage class.
  91. Go for a dinner cruise.
  92. Audition for a local theater production.
  93. Go jogging.
  94. Shop for antiques.
  95. Go skiing.
  96. Have a snowball fight.
  97. Go to a poetry reading.
  98. Watch erotica.
  99. Have your fortunes told.
  100.  Have sex!!!

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