Saturday, May 25, 2013

How I Beat Cellulite & Lifted My Butt!

Since my husband and I took our before photos for our transformations one month ago, I look back at the before photos of me and I can already see a difference! My abs have gotten more defined, but those were never the issue- my butt and thighs were the issue! And low and behold, my cellulite has already decreased by half and my butt has visibly lifted an incredible amount.
Not to mention the jiggle has virtually disappeared from the naked eye.
I've been hard at work to target my area and here is what worked for me:

  • First and foremost, a CLEAN diet with lots of protein (fish and chicken), veggies, and fruit!
  • SQUATS!! And the leg press machine! This one vital move works wonders I promise.
  • Johnson & Johnson's Cocoa Butter Baby Oil Gel AND coconut oil!
  • Elliptical machine (no more than 15 minutes) at a 10 incline or high with a 6 resistance or higher. 
These are the tips that helped for me! Another few months and maybe ill finally be able to be sharing my before and afters! 

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