Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Want to Tone Up Faster?

cardio vs weight training 1 Cardio Vs Weight Training For Weight Loss – Is Duke Study Misleading?

Focus on weight lifting instead of cardio.
 While cardio is good to get your BPM up and to get you pumped for your workout, cardio itself isnt going to tone up your trouble areas. Remember in an earlier post where I said muscle eats fat away? Its true.

Running on the treadmill is not going to get you nice arms or a nice butt rather. You're pretty much running nowhere. Cardio doesnt tone. Cardio is a tool given to help you burn fat and muscle, to make you thin and lean, yes but if you want a sculpted body (see picture above) then this is not what you want. Since I have stopped doing so much cardio (I only do 15 minutes max, usually just 10) and focused on lifting heavier, I have noticed LESS flab and jiggle.

Here is what Jamie Eason, my fit inspiration, says about cardio during her program which bans cardio for the first phase:

No cardio was freaking me out, but it is so important to getting tone and definition. That is the piece of the puzzle that most people miss and the reason they can't get as toned as they want. This was my frustration forever! I was running 60-80 miles a week, but never really got toned/cut until I did this program. 

I am actually doing her program and would love to share it with you in my next post!
For the time being:
Here are two fabulous articles I have found to help you on your journey!

What weightlifters say about weight vs cardio:

A scientific study done on weights vs cardio:


  1. Did u do any other workouts along with her program, or did u just stick to her plan and follow from phase 1? How did it workout for you? I was thinking of doing this program, but I want to make sure its worth it before ^ ^

  2. I do extra cardio, but other than that, I followed it strictly. I will be incorporating her program into my postpartum fitness plan when I have my baby :) It did work well with me, however I tweaked it to get results faster.


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